Castle Niederweis



brief description: 

In the idyllic Eifel landscape near the Luxembourg border, stands the baroque château of Niederweis, located in the heart of the small town bearing the same name. In fact, with its historic buildings, the town of Niederweis makes a beautiful picturesque backdrop for the château. The castle complex with its Baroque gardens la francaise consists of a central two-storeyed main building and several adjoining buildings, which are in use as restaurants. The château`s main facade faces in the direction of the town centre. There is a small forecourt with a manicured lawn and a paved entryway, enclosed by a wrought-iron fence. The estate extends along the side facade of the château. The terrain includes the former stables, across from which are the Baroque gardens with an additional access to the grounds. The château`s historic rooms are frequently used to celebrate all kinds of events and festivities, such as weddings, for example. Overall, Château Niederweis` main attraction is its gastronomy.


Steffen Conrad