Racetrack Mitsubishi-Korz ring. 250 Meters long, width 4-5 m. Club with kitchen. Terrace with a place for grilling.

situated under the Johannisbrücke bridge, next to the freight station, on the edge of the forest, the dog breeding club and dog training centre has a rustic club house with L-shaped main space, cou

50 hectare landscape park. Lake with pedal boats. Bandshell, stream of water, small train on tracks, gastronomy, bunker, Gulliver%u2019s World, mini golf course, cable car.

this camping site is located in immediate proximity of the Goldene Bremm (border between Saarland/Germany and Lorraine/France), next to the motorway and can be accessed via side roads.

Spread over an area of 20 hectares on the site of a former industrial port, Saarbrücken's Bürgerpark has a very contemporary feel to it.

the botanical garden is situated next to the main entrance of the University of the Saarland. Show and educational garden on scientific basis.

the Schwarzenbergturm measures 46 metres in height and dates back to 1930.