The library of the Benedictine Abbey of Saint-Mihiel was founded in Carolingian times. The first manuscripts and books were collected and assembled by order of the church. With the invention of the printing press in the 15th century, the compilation grew rapidly.

military bunker from 1906, part of the Verdun fortification

Better known for its battlefields, Verdun also boasts an invaluable architectural heritage, to which the Episcopal Palace is a magnificent testimony. In his memoirs, the Duke of Saint-Simon (the first Bishop of Verdun) describes the building as the biggest and most splendid episcopal palace in France. It stands next to the Cathedral of Verdun with its cloister which, reminiscent of an acropolis, dominate the cityscape.

the abbey of Saint-Benoît-en-Woëvre is situated in the heart of the Meuse department, in close proximity to Lake Lachaussée.

in the 19th century, the Château of Thillombois underwent extensive alterations under the supervision of the Nettancourt-Vaubécourts, an illustrious family who owned the château until 1961, when th

The château is situated in the commune of Vigneulles-lès-Hattonchâtel, on a rocky promontory high above the plain of Woëvre.

very unusual bistro with eclectic, mostly 1950-style décor

A quaint little bar/café with a wonderfully original, eclectic style, Bazaar Sainte Marie is equipped with old furniture from across different eras (e.g. Baroque).