With a city layout that is unique in the Saarland, with its Baroque architecture, its pedestrian zone, its medicinal treatment and cure programmes and, not to forget, its delicious gastronomy, beautiful Blieskastel meets all the requirements to fulfil most wishes. It's the place to experience living history.

around the year 1000, in the course of the Gorze Reform Movement, a restitution of former ecclesial possessions took place.

the first written mention of the name Ottweiler refers to a castle and dates back to 1393. The town of Ottweiler, however, played only a minor role in the Middle Ages.

the historic village of Larochette has many different facets.

Prény, whose main monument are its medieval castle ruins, sprawls across gentle south-facing slopes, on which terrace-shaped vineyards used to be planted in the past, giving the village a Provençal

Quartier St. Jean is an Old Town district in the very heart of Pont-à-Mousson, whose streets and alleys are marked, end-to-end, by the historic architecture of different periods

Known for its impressive castle, which is one of the largest and most beautiful fortified castles west of the Rhine river, and for its scenic location in the Our Valley, Vianden is among Luxembourg