Der Bliesgau Radweg ist eine Rundtour durch den malerischen Bliesgau. Er startet in Richtung Blieskastel und führt dann auf den Saarland-Radweg auf der stillgelegten Bahntrasse durch das Bliestal.

Der Bohnental-Rundwanderweg verbindet die fünf Orte des Bohnentals: Scheuern, Neipel, Dorf im Bohnental, Lindscheid und Überroth-Niederhofen. Zuwege von allen Ortsteilen sind angelegt. Die Wanderung geht über hügeliges Gelände mit mehreren Steigungen und ist als mittelschwer einzustufen.

just outside the village of Kelberg, where the two-lane country road between Kelberg and Gerolstein takes a slight bend, the three historic calvaries can be found standing on a small hill.

the small commune of Roth is a typical example of a quiet village in the Eifel region.

ncient château transformed in boutique hotel. Antique rooms, beautiful courtyard with medieval defence tower, charming French formal garden

situated in the northern part of Sarregumemines, the Blies Mill houses the Museum of Faience Techniques.

Place Duroc is the town square situated at the very heart of Pont-à-Mousson.

situated in the heart of the Old Town of Metz, Place Saint-Jacques is just a few steps from Saint-Etienne Cathedral.

the city of Saarbrücken owes its development to the crossing of traditional roadways which were used as European long-distance roads, such as, for instance, the Roman roads leading from Metz to Wor

pedestrian zone with cobblestone pavement in the heart of the city. Lively area with numerous pubs, restaurants and cafés, which during the summer have their tables and chairs out in front.

The modern style building dates back to 1971.

St. Johanner Markt is a market square in the very heart of Saarbrücken. As its name implies, it used to belong to the once independent municipality of St. Johann.

Vaux, situated near Metz, has a population of about 850 people. The village, which is surrounded by woods and vineyards, was first mentioned during Roman times.