10.000 sqm scrapyard, vehicle recycling, car repair shop, spare parts inventory, motor warehouse. Some pieces are stockpiled. Towing vehicles, truck-mounted crane, vintage cars.

Self-service car wash. Six covered wash boxes, one of which is large and high enough to accommodate trucks. High pressure systems, foam brushes, vacuum cleaning systems.

Self-service car wash with spray lance and brush. Four covered wash boxes plus vacuum cleaning systems.

Very steep street ; wonderful view of Saarbrücken from the highest point of Kantstraße.

The „Kaltensteinpfad“, a Premium hiking trail labelled „Traumschleife“ (dream loop), has the shape of the figure eight. It leads past a historic horse trough, surrounded by majestic beech trees, the two “Kaltensteine”, impressive rock formations, and then up to the Hoxberg summit, whose 7,8 km long ascent is rather steep and strenuous. Different types of forest (e.g. primeval forest, enchanted forest) still show signs of the enormous destruction caused by two hurricanes in 1990. The Kaltenstein hiking trail is considered to be of intermediate difficulty; it was awarded 56 points by the German Hiking Institute (Deutsches Wanderinstitut).

This street is very popular with students and artists. It’s located at the entry of the Nauwieser Viertel district in the heart of Saarbrücken. Beautiful views of city hall.

Long and broad street which connects downtown Saarbrücken with the “Alt-Saarbrücken” district (old Saarbrücken).

Long street which connects downtown Saarbrücken with the “Alt-Saarbrücken” district (old Saarbrücken).

The “Guldenschlucht” (florin gorge) is an impressive V-shaped valley with a tiny creek and enormous mottled sandstone boulders. The Saar-Moselle hiking trail leads through the gorge, passing over numerous little bridges and stairs, from Saarland to Rhineland-Palatinate. The canyon forest is primarily composed of beech trees. The gorge is also home to fire salamanders.

Grünstraße (green street) is a small, narrow street with cobblestone pavement in the heart of the “Nauwieser Viertel” district in downtown Saarbrücken.