single offices

multi-storey 19th century building in the center of Sulzbach

The State Agency is located inside a sandstone building from 1875 which used to be the home of the Von der Heydt Mine.

medium-sized shop with a large display window and vertical blinds. Two separate areas, the back room has a window

rooftop location, access via spiral staircase and a space with bull’s-eye windows. The two pavilions on the roof are separated by a few meters.

The Saarland Chamber of Commerce and Industry was founded in 1863. As the region’s key hub for the business industry, it supports its 58.000 member businesses (with their approx.

The modern style building dates back to 1971.

modern building, official residence of the municipal administration and the mayor, located in the heart of Nalbach

classic administrative building, official residence of the mayor, located in the heart of Merchweiler

The 5 x 15 meters houseboat lies at anchor in the Osthafen marina, a mere 2-minute walk from the Daarler Wiesen nature reserve.

Former regional branch of the central bank. Today, the building houses the offices of the bank’s IT and human resources departments.