the agricultural area (rapeseed field) borders the district of Mimbach

Die Parkanlage Illingen befindet sich im Uferbereich des Flusses Ill. Sie ist am Fuße eines Hanges unterhalb der Kurklinik gelegen und ist für ihre Vielfalt an Vegetation bekannt.

The district town of Merzig and its sights are situated on the river Saar, approximately 35 km south of Trier and 35 km northwest of Saarbrücken.

The cross probably marks the place where French soldiers found their death during the War of the Sixth Coalition.

On this stretch of the river, the banks of the Prims are overgrown with pretty dense vegetation on either side, creating a jungle-like atmosphere.

The wayside shrine (called „Bildstöckchen“ or „Bildstöckel“ by locals) is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. It sits amid the idyllic landscape which surrounds an old quarry named „Großer Horst”.

The site is located in Thalexweiler, a neighborhood in the community of Lebach. The landscape slopes downhill and is partly surrounded by woods.

The agricultural enterprise Bauer Ehl has been situated in Saarland since 1996, growing strawberries and asparagus on a 10-hectare plot of land.

The agricultural area is located south of the Lebach Hospital. The so-called Moritz Forest forms the natural border to the North.

The „Kaltensteinpfad“, a Premium hiking trail labelled „Traumschleife“ (dream loop), has the shape of the figure eight. It leads past a historic horse trough, surrounded by majestic beech trees, the two “Kaltensteine”, impressive rock formations, and then up to the Hoxberg summit, whose 7,8 km long ascent is rather steep and strenuous. Different types of forest (e.g. primeval forest, enchanted forest) still show signs of the enormous destruction caused by two hurricanes in 1990. The Kaltenstein hiking trail is considered to be of intermediate difficulty; it was awarded 56 points by the German Hiking Institute (Deutsches Wanderinstitut).