Wiltz Castle



brief description: 

set above the commune of Wiltz in north-western Luxembourg, the beautiful castle complex can be seen from afar. With origins dating back to a 12th century medieval fortress, Wiltz Castle as we know it today was built between 1631 and 1727. A gate in the castle walls leads into the cobblestone court, in which stands the impressive main building with 3 storeys. Its simple, friendly facade, pierced with large lattice windows set in frames of natural stone, is adorned with a richly ornate balcony. A perron leads from the castle court to the gardens. The former service buildings, one of which is flanked by a tower, form a semi-circle around the castle. The main wing, which has been modernised and transformed, houses a retirement home. Today, property of the State of Luxembourg, Wiltz Castle is used by a number of public institutions, such as the tourism office, and every summer, it houses an international music and theatre festival. This beautiful ensemble, which appeals through its harmonious simplicity, has been preserved almost entirely in its historic state. Sanitary facilities and spaces for setting up green rooms should be available. Parking in the immediate vicinity is rather limited due to the inner city location, however, there is a public parking lot about 100 metres away.


Karin Schockweiler