Waste-to-energy plant Velsen



brief description: 

Garbage disposer, incinerator, thermal power station, industrial plant. Adjacent administrative building with unusual architecture. Conference room on the top floor with floor to ceiling windows which offer an impressive panoramic view of the valley. A large open stairwell brings in lots of natural light. Big delivery and unloading hall with roller shutters, access for trucks. Vehicle scale. The large refuse bunker can also be used for waste disposal by private households. A crane cockpit offers a view from above into the refuse bunker and of the crane, which transports the delivered waste to the loading funnel of the incinerator. The distance from the crane cockpit to the bottom of the refuse bunker is approx. 30 meters. The incineration plant has a smokestack which rises almost 100 meters into the sky. Large ventilation system on the roof.

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
deliveries are accepted Mondays through Saturdays, the thermal power station is operating around the clock
waste-to-energy plant
Background noise: 
expect noises typical for an industrial plant
the plant is located on a former mining site, some of the old mining buildings and installations are still around
Space restrictions: 
filming is only possible with an appropriate safety concept. The incineration plant is operating around the clock. The safety of all operations, of the employees, and of the film team must be guaranteed at all times. Not only does the production team need to arrange for a qualified safety representative, but there also needs to be an employee of the plant present to oversee filming and ensure safe operations. These efforts must be factored into the budget. Plant employees who oversee filming are to be considered the supreme authority in all matters and their instructions must be followed at all times, no exceptions.
Time restrictions : 
the delivery hall can only be used for filming on Saturdays and Sundays as weekday business operations must not be interfered with. The thermal power station is operated around the clock, a fact which also needs to be considered.


coming on the A620 motorway, take exit no. 11 (Großrosseln, Lauterbach). Continue on the Saaruferstraße (L163) for approx. 1,5 km, then turn left and keep following the L163, going in the direction of “Gewerbegebiet Völklingen Ost”. After approx. 7 km, turn left onto “Alte Grube Velsen”
the closest train station, Fürstenhausen, is approx. 6 km away


sanitary facilities: 
parking lot: 
electricity supply: 
water supply: 


Steffen Conrad