Vianden Hydro Electric Power Station



brief description: 

situated above the town of Vianden, in the heart of the Our valley in Luxembourg, this power station is the largest pumped storage hydroelectricity plant in Europe. Built into the hard rock, it provides a subterranean link between the higher elevated man-made basins on the Mount Saint-Nicolas Plateau and the lower-level reservoir which was formed when the river Our was dammed for that purpose. From the outside, this gigantic power station which comprises 8 km of tunnels seems rather inconspicuous and unimpressive at first glance. Transport tunnels, 5 metres in diameter, provide access to the interior. From the main gallery, the view opens up onto the 300 metres long turbine house, where hydroelectric power is produced. Through a complicated tunnel system, the water is transported here to activate the machines. Beneath the turbine house is a labyrinth of tubes, in which the water circulates. On the whole, it looks like an oversized heating installation, above which towers the impressive control room, the operations centre where the facility is monitored and controlled. The control room is the only place where the ear-splitting noise of the turbines in action is not heard. The administrative buildings outside, in front of the plant, could possibly provide spaces for setting up green rooms. The parking situation is rather difficult as the plant site is closed in a small valley, bordered by a road.


Karin Schockweiler