Useldange Castle



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Useldange is a small town in western Luxembourg with a precious rural cultural heritage. The brilliant restoration of the historical town centre was honored with the prestigious Europa Nostra Prize. Nestled above this picturesque village are the ruins of an ancient feudal fortress. Amidst the ruins and within the castle complex stands a building, dating back to the turn of the century, which houses the seat of the communal administration. From here, a contemporary-style elevator takes you right into the historic heart of Useldange. In the town square, the new culture centre and museum is a wonderful example of how modern-day architecture can be seamlessly integrated into historic surroundings. It is precisely the harmonious interaction between building structures from different eras that makes Useldange such a unique site. Concerning special requirements/technical needs during filming, please contact the local authorities to discuss individual prerequisites before beginning a project!

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individual explicable with the local authorities
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individual explicable with the local authorities


Karin Schockweiler