Trinitarian Church and Cloisters in Vianden



brief description: 

built in 1248 in the heart of the small town of Vianden, the Gothic style church with its pretty cloister is one of Luxembourg%u2019s most important religious monuments. After the Trinitarian convent was abolished in 1783, the abbey was divided in private properties and, later, partly destroyed. Only in 1953 was it rebuilt and restored. Today, the cloister houses a museum with sculptures that can be traced back to the original abbey church and the medieval town. The adjoining building houses a retirement home. A side entrance in the nave of the church leads to the cloister: a grassy quadrangle, at its centre a well, surrounded by covered walks with open arcades. The stone tiled floor and simple plastered walls add an archaic charm to the cloister complex. Parking is available directly next to the church. Sanitary facilities and adequate spaces for setting up green rooms should be available at the retirement home nearby.


Karin Schockweiler