Saarbrücken Castle (Saarbrücker Schloss)



brief description: 

Saarbrücken's château dates back to the mid 18th century. Prince William Henry of Nassau-Saarbrücken commissioned local baroque master builder Friedrich Joachim Stengel to build numerous monuments, including the château. Erected on the ruins of a medieval castle, it stands on the site of a former Renaissance château. After having to be rebuilt several times, it was thoroughly renovated and refurbished in 1989 to shine in new splendour. Boasting its old facade, a new central block, and an extended loft, it presents itself today as a château with a common touch, e.g. regularly hosting live broadcasts of the Streit im Schloss talkshow. The château's basement and the adjoining annex are home to the Historic Museum Saar. The former town hall, a number of historic buildings, and an adult education centre reside around the square in front of the château. In 1993, the Square of the Invisible Memorial was inaugurated - more than 2000 cobblestones were engraved with the names of former Jewish cemeteries in Germany and now pave, chiselled-side down, the ground of the square in front of the châeau

relevant filming facts

offices of the City Council
interior architecture: 
the château is home to the City Council's administrative offices and a modern ballroom. The new annex houses a historic museum, where visitors can, amongst other things, discover a former Gestapo torture chamber and the subterranean casemates of the medieval castle
Background noise: 
almost none in the courtyard, inside the château, and on the square in front of the château. In the palace garden, road traffic noise coming from the urban motorway
possible disturbing factors: 
road traffic noise coming from the urban motorway
Space restrictions: 
to be discussed
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed
can be made available upon prior agreement


the château is situated in the centre of Saarbrücken, adjacent to the urban motorway (A620), on a cliff above the banks of the river Saar


sanitary facilities: 
parking lot: 
available, upon prior agreement, on the square in front of the ch%uFFFDteau. Parking garage close by
electricity supply: 
water supply: 


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