Regional Landscape around Schwerdorff



brief description: 

picturesque hilly landscape, typical for the region around Schwerdorff. Narrow rural roads, in part, lined with trees. Far reaching view, sparse population

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
open to the public all year round
mostly agricultural
Background noise: 
very little traffic, almost no noise
the closest restaurants are located approx. 5 km away in Niedaltdorf or Hemmersdorf (Germany) or approx. 12 km away in Bouzonville (France)
upon prior agreement, the Salle des Fetes ballroom in the Schwerdorff town hall can be made available for make-up, wardrobe, technical equipment, etc.


in France, coming from Metz, take the A31 motorway going in the direction of Thionville, Luxembourg. Before reaching Thionville, take exit no. 37.2 (Yutz) and proceed onto the D918 secondary road going in the direction of Bouzonville. In Bouzonville, take the D65 going in the direction of Guerstling and Niedaltdorf (Germany). In Niedaltdorf (Germany), turn left, going back to France on the D956 in the direction of Neunkirchen les Bouzonville. In Neunkirchen, take the D256 in the direction of Schwerdorff coming from Germany, take the A8 and the A620 motorways going in the direction of Dillingen. Take the Rehlingen-Siersburg exit. From Siersburg on, follow the direction of Niedaltdorf and Frankreich (France). In Niedaltdorf, follow the direction of Frankreich (France) and Neunkirchen les Bouzonville (on the D956 secondary road). In Neunkirchen, take the D256 going in the direction of Schwerdorff


sanitary facilities: 
electricity supply: 
water supply: 


Marie-Alix Fourquenay