Old Limbourg



brief description: 

The lovely little town of Limbourg is divided in two parts: the modern lower part, which is the commercial centre, and the medieval part or upper town, which sits on a crest high above the Vesdre River. Still standing today are sections of the original ramparts, within which the old town is organised around a main market square and a tight network of small alleyways. In the very centre of the square stands the Fountain of the Blessed Virgin. The charming old buildings, mostly two-storey houses, are made of grey stone and brick. They have been beautifully renovated to maintain the original aesthetic of the historic old town. The bell tower of Saint-Georges Church is always visible in the background. Old Limbourg is a lovely historic location which offers a multitude of interesting motifs. Depending on the perspective, it can, for example, have the look and feel of a typical Breton village. Plenty of parking possibilities on site. Infrastructure necessary for filming, such as, for example, sanitary facilities and additional spaces for crew and equipment could be made available/put in place in the village inn or the school.


Kurt Rathmes