Long-wave transmitter Europe 1



brief description: 

the Europe 1 long-wave transmitter is located in Felsberg, approx. 8 km southwest of Saarlouis, directly on the French border. It transmits the Europe 1 radio programme, which is produced in Paris, and covers about 75% of the French territory. The aerial system consists of 4 guyed lattice masts with triangular profile which measure 270, 276, 280, and 282 m in height. A backup aerial with 2 smaller guyed radio masts is located in south-easterly direction of the antenna system. Because of its unusual architecture, the transmitter building has been classified as a historical monument: built between 1952 and 1954, the self-supporting hall is a prestressed concrete construction, boasting an arched roof and a vitrified outer surface

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
the transmitter is not accessible to the public
transmitter site of the French radio station Europe1
very good
Background noise: 
quiet on the outside. Inside, the ventilation system produces a continuous buzzing sound at a volume of 73 db
possible disturbing factors: 
continuous background noise due to ventilation system. Strong radiofrequency fields produced by the transmitter masts may adversely affect the operation of other technical devices
Space restrictions: 
the long-wave transmitter has been classified as a historical monument in 1999. Prospects for an interior shoot are rather limited for various reasons. For one thing, the transmitter is a highly sophisticated, sensitive structure whose smooth operation must be garanteed around the clock. Secondly, some of the technical devices are protected by intellectual property laws and, on this account, may not be captured on film and photograph. In addition, only a small part of the building is underbased, which means that the floor only supports a certain weight and cannot be overloaded. The same applies to the ceiling
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed
no additional space can be made available
Filming experience: 


coming from Saarbrücken, take the A620 motorway going in the direction of Luxembourg. Take the Saarlouis City exit (3), and turn left in the direction of Metz/Überherrn. Follow the course of the road. After you have passed the towns of Felsberg and Oberfelsberg, turn left onto Villinger Straße (federal road B269). After approx. 1 km, turn left onto Ittersdorfer Straße


sanitary facilities: 
parking lot: 
sufficient spaces available
electricity supply: 
available (400V, 32A). Use of electricity must under no circumstances compromise the broadcast
water supply: 


Steffen Conrad