Kino 8 1/2



brief description: 

Kino 8 ½ is a charming independent art house movie theatre. Here, shows are not anonymous mass events, but rather intimate experiences that bring film fans together. The projection room is reminiscent of a bygone era, a different cinematic culture, a time when films were still being shot on celluloid. To access the cinema, moviegoers have to pass through a quaint interior courtyard, which can also serve as a lovely motif for film shoots.

relevant filming facts

Upon prior agreement, the theatre can be used for private showings and events and, of course, it is available as a film location.
interior architecture: 
The movie theatre comprises a projection room and a screening room, in which tickets and refreshments are sold. There is no separate ticket window or refreshment counter.
Background noise: 
Kino 8 ½ is situated in an animated residential neighbourhood.
Kino 8 ½ is situated in an animated residential neighbourhood, the Nauwieser Viertel, as part of a consortium of 13 craft businesses, shops, social, cultural and therapeutic facilities.
Available on site
Filming experience: 
Several requests have been made to use the theatre as backdrop for film shoots


Steffen Conrad