Farmhouse in Raeren



brief description: 

Bordering a country road, the farmhouse is nestled amidst a hilly landscape which is typical for this region. Originally, the farmhouse was displayed at the 1910 World's Fair in Brussels. Upon request of a rich industrialist who wanted to use it as his country estate, it was dismantled and re-erected on its present site. This explains the timber-framed facade : atypical for this region, the distinctive architecture is rather characteristic of the Black Forest. The impressive building combines the living quarters in the main section and the former stables in an elongated annex. The roof, entirely covered with red tiles, the main entrance, flanked by a veranda, the gable, partly revetted with slate, and the timber-framed facade give this farmhouse a wonderful authentic character. Across from the stables, complete with projecting roof and several barn doors, is an enclosed muck heap. Picturesque motif which exudes a beautiful pastoral ambiance and caters to all the typical farm-related clichés. According to prior agreement with the proprietor, only exterior filming allowed.


Kurt Rathmes