T.O.T.E.M. Alternative Arts Centre in Maxéville



brève description: 

T.O.T.E.M, which stands for Territoire Organis Temporairement en Espace Merveilleux (and literally translates into territory, temporarily organised in a wonderful space), is a popular and well-known hot spot for artists and creative minds of all kinds. Created in 2000 by the experimental theatre and performance art company Materia Prima on the premises of a former wine producing estate, T.O.T.E.M. comprises artists studios, workshops, and event facilities. The former factory site, which spans over 3.400 m, also houses buildings that have been transformed into dwellings for artists in residence. The buildings were painted orange and decorated with bizarre fantasy and cyberpunk style sculptures, most of them created by Nemo, an artist who lives on site. Some of Nemo's works also adorn the interior of the T.O.T.E.M. bar

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heures d’ouverture : 
to be discussed with Materia Prima
usage : 
alternative hot spot and meeting place for artists and culture lovers of all kinds, event space, exhibition space, bar, living, working and learning environment
condition générale : 
former factory site
some of the spaces now being used for concerts, theatrical performances and other artistic and cultural projects are former industrial halls. Also to be found on site is a small bar decorated with cyberpunk style sculptures
situation sonore : 
enclosed industrial site. On weekdays, noise coming from machines being operated on site. On the weekends and at night very quiet
former wine producing site with numerous factory buildings of different architectural styles and ages
ascenseur : 
restrictions spatiales : 
to be discussed with Materia Prima and the Maxéville Town Hall Management. Shooting dates must be coordinated with Materia Prima so as not to interfere with the theatre and concert schedules
locaux supplémentaires : 
additional facilities for make-up, wardrobe, technical equipment, etc. can be made available upon prior agreement
expériences avec des tournages: 
smaller video productions


voiture : 
coming on the A31 motorway (direction Metz/Paris), take the Maxéville exit. Follow the main road (Route de Metz) in the direction of Nancy. Just before leaving the town of Maxéville, turn right, pass through the tunnel underneath the railway, and follow the signs indicating T.O.T.E.M
transports en commun : 
the closest train station is Nancy (approx. 3 km away)


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Marie-Alix Fourquenay