Hydraulic Sawmill of Grand-Soldat



brève description: 

this operational sawmill bears witness to more than 500 years of woodworking in the large forests of the Vosges Mountains. Since 1985, the Abreschviller Forest Railway Association intended to incorporate the reconstruction of a hydraulic sawmill into their plans to develop the Forest Railway, notwithstanding that there was admittedly little hope of acquiring a hydraulic sawmill that was still in good condition, as this type of important witness to history had become increasingly rare. Finally, one of the last remaining hydraulic sawmills was found in Karlsthal, in the Valley of the White Zorn, near the village of Dabo. It was offered as a gift to the community of Abreschviller on condition that the sawmill be dismantled and then re-erected on communal grounds.

pertinent pour un tournage

heures d’ouverture : 
April-October: Wednesdays, (Saturdays), Sundays and Holidays
usage : 
tourism & leisure
condition générale : 
good overall condition
éléments perturbateurs : 
no noise disturbances, except perhaps from the museum train which operates between Grand-Soldat and Abreschviller / tourist traffic / nearby souvenir shop
locaux supplémentaires : 
souvenir shop, log cabin


transports en commun : 
the Sarrebourg train station can be reached in 25 minutes


sanitaires : 
parking : 
spaces available for approx. 20 cars, trucks


Marie-Alix Fourquenay