St. Wendel

The Benedictine Abbey of St. Mauritius in Tholey is said to be Germany%u2019s oldest monastery. Findings of a Roman public bath date back to the 3rd century AD.

In the first century AD, an important Gallo-Roman settlement developed at the crossing point of the Roman roads leading from Metz to Mainz and from Trier to Strasbourg.

The Mineral Museum emerged from the private collection of Augustinus Stein, a passionate agate collector from Oberkirchen. Stein acquired most of the findings within the local region.

The farm house in Reitscheid was built in 1862.

Located within the horseshoe-shaped country estate complex Hofgut Furpach, the Karchersaal ballroom is perfect for private festivities, cultural events, banquets, seminars, etc.

public pool with clever roof construction. Weather permitting, the roof can be opened within a few minutes, transforming the indoor into an outdoor pool.

With an altitude of 569 metres, the Schmauberg is one of the highest elevations in Saarland. It is the well-known landmark of the municipality of Tholey, visible from a great distance.

Located near Tholey-Sotzweiler, the steel sculpture (whose name translates into word sail) is 13 metres high and weighs 30 tons.