situated on the outskirts of Amnéville, in a thermal spa complex and tourist centre (Centre Thermal et Touristique), Villa Pompéi is a wellness temple inspired in design by antique Roman thermae, w

the riverwalk is a popular leisure destination for tourists and locals alike, especially during the summer months. It stretches along the Moselle for approx.

Das moderne Schwimmbad in Creutzwald verfügt über mehrere Becken im Innen- und Außenbereich. Das Hauptbecken hat eine Länge von 25 m, die Wasserrutsche ist 50 m lang.

founding location of the swimming club in 1925

the Snow Hall in Amnéville is the only indoor ski park in all of France.

at the end of World War I, villagers raised a statue of the Virgin Mary on a hill in Varsberg.

the town of Noisseville, east of Metz, is mostly known for the Battle of Noisseville (August 31, 1870) during the Franco-Prussian War, at the conclusion of which the German Reich annexed Noissevill