the baroque building which, today, stands on the busy B41 federal highway in Ottweiler is known simply as the Pavilion.

gorgeous château with small estate and several buildings which are partly dedicated to agricultural use.

the Grenier de Chèvremont in Metz is an impressive municipal granary, crowned with battlements. It was built in 1457 and served as a wheat granary until 1870.

part of the house, which dates back to the Middle Ages (or, more precisely, to the time of the reign of King Francis 1st), extends in an arc across a narrow street.

in the 17th century, Louis XIV had the medieval upper part of the town (the former Longwy-Haut) destroyed in order to rebuild in its place a new town structure which was to serve as a defensive lin

stately mansion with 2 ha of parkland, a lake, a 350-metre stretch of waterfront (river Vesdre), and an ancient tree population

The lovely farming estate, which has been refurbished to a high standard, mixing rustic styles with modern details, is a friendly family-run guesthouse.

after having undergone extensive, lavish renovations, this former estate was transformed into an equestrian centre and hotel.

Situated in the heart of the town of Echternach, the former orangery is nestled amidst a beautiful municipal park, which can be accessed via a gorgeously adorned gate.

Originally named „Gutshof Junkerwald“ for the forest in which it is situated, the former farming estate has been transformed into a restaurant with 80 covers inside and outdoor seating for 300 gues

the Roman Villa in Perl-Borg has been reconstructed on the basis of ancient remains that were discovered about one hundred years ago by a teacher named Johann Schneider.

situated in a beautifully idyllic setting above the city of Saarbrücken, Villa Europa consists of two buildings from different eras, which were arranged at an angle to each other.

the elegant villa, sitting atop a hill above Pont-à-Mousson, is situated in a park-like garden with tall trees.

the two-storeyed villa was built at the beginning of the 20th century. It was besieged during WW II, first by German, then by American troops

The holiday home consists of two hotel guest rooms and one apartment

The holiday home consists of two hotel guest rooms and one apartment