Great light shop for fashion and accessories of a special kind. Especially gothic and alternative as well as steampunk. Scenes for different styles. In addition, vintage second-hand clothes.

This privately owned filling station is situated at the town limits of the small town of Karlshausen.

This clockmaker's and photo shop with historic facade dates back to the turn of the century. It is located on a street with other historic buildings, in the very heart of the village of Kyllburg.

This rural grocery market with a small storefront borders a historic residential building, which makes for an interesting architectural contrast.

quirky beverage mart, situated in a former print shop, in the Nauwieser quarter of Saarbrücken. Shop window and entrance date from the 1960s, the interior goes as far back as the 19th century.

Located in the very heart of Saint-Mihiel, the covered market hall was built in 1902 on the exact site of another market hall, dating back to the 16th century.

This indoor market is situated on one of the most ancient city squares in Pont-à-Mousson, in the same spot where the Hôpital Notre Dame stood in the 13th century.

this indoor market is situated in the very heart of Metz, right next to Saint-Etienne Cathedral. Originally, the building was designed to serve as Bishops Palace.

historical buildings from the late 19th century, old brickwork, industrial heritage, former railway repair centre. Recently renovated. Today authorised Harley-Davidson dealership.

This fish farm is situated off the beaten track in a quiet valley.