Self-serve car wash located at the end of a cul-de-sac road in an industrial park in the small suburb of Herforst. The low-rise flat roof multi-bay building stands on asphalt ground. There is also a small separate repair shed. Overall, a very rural location with the industrial park, small businesses and woodland in the background.

Former turning shop and metal workshop. Old skeleton-frame construction, infill covered with tiles. Inside the building, the metal roof beam construction is visible.

Vacant two storey industrial building of 750 m². Two large roller shutter doors for HGV access on the ground floor. Seven metre high floor-to-ceiling pillars every four metres. Different sized rooms (200 m² / 30 m²) on the first floor. No support columns on the second floor (room size: 750 m², ceiling height: 2,5 m). Great view of the city of Nancy.

'Angel's - das hotel am golfpark' is nestled amidst a fantastic one-of-a-kind landscape composed of a creative mix of typical golf terrains from Ireland, England, Canada and Florida.