Vicus Wareswald in Tholey



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In the first century AD, an important Gallo-Roman settlement developed at the crossing point of the Roman roads leading from Metz to Mainz and from Trier to Strasbourg. Situated at the foot of the Schaumberg mountain, the settlement reached its greatest extent in the heyday of the 2nd century when it covered around 20 ha. A long-lasting period of repeated pillaging by Germanic tribes was largely responsible for the end of the settlement in the Wareswald. Around 400 AD, the vicus was abandoned and gradually fell into decay. Since 2001, the ancient settlement of the Wareswald is being archaeologically investigated by the TERREX GmbH. During the process, significant pieces such as coins, jewelry, high-quality pottery and bronze statues were found. Furthermore, an under-floor heating system as well as numerous remains of bath complexes and intricate murals surfaced, bearing witness to the elevated living standards of the population of that time. Anyone who doesn't merely want to marvel at the rooms and findings re-emerging from the ground, but would like to energetically contribute, has the opportunity to actively take part in the excavations.

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opening times: 
Tourist destination, historically relevant excavation site
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Remote location, quiet situation, no external disruptive factors
Wareswald is situated in the municipality of Tholey
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No external disruptive factors
Space restrictions: 
the cemetery is listed as a historical site. All projects are to be discussed with the administration.
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Not available in the immediate vicinity, however, there are restaurants in the surrounding villages. For more information, please consult the municipality of Tholey.
Wareswald is a historic monument of Roman times on Germanic ground. It bears witness to a time when men like Julius Caesar, Augustus und Nero reigned the people of Europe and shaped an entire era of history. This time seems to live on in Wareswald, an impressive site, which has become a fascination for all the people living in the region.


The excavation site can be easily reached on foot from the parking lot


parking lot: 
Parking available approx. 1 km away from the Tholey-Theley road: parking lot excavation site Wareswald


Steffen Conrad