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With an altitude of 569 metres, the Schmauberg is one of the highest elevations in Saarland. It is the well-known landmark of the municipality of Tholey, visible from a great distance. Schaumberg mountain played already a role during the times of the Celts, when it served as a refuge. It was further developed and transformed into fortifications during Roman times, the remnants of which can still be seen in the shape of 4 metre high walls. Around 1200, the counts of Bliesgau had constructed the Schauenburg which was conquered in 1522 by Franz von Sickingen and entirely destroyed during the Thirty Years' War. Today, Schaumberg mountain stands as a symbol for German-French friendship. An exposition on Franco-German relations can be visited inside the tower.

The tower is 37,5 metres high. You have a beautiful view across Saarland all the way to the low-mountain region of the Palatinate Forest, the Vosges Mountains and the Hunsrück mountain range. A cast bronze memorial at the altar of the tower is dedicated to the French and German soldiers who died in both World Wars. It shows the bodies of the departed, reaching across their graves to hold hands with each other, as a symbol of perpetual friendship between the neighbouring nations. The Herzweg ("heart trail"), a 2,8 km long hiking trail, leads all around the Schaumberg mountain in 500 metres above sea level, offering a variety of views onto the surrounding landscape. The special bracing climate has a stimulating effect on the cardiovascular system, so the name Herzweg - the heart trail has become the most popular hiking trail of the municipality of Tholey. A notable point of interest along the trail is the heptagonal Africa Chapel with a pietà that was crafted by German soldiers in captivity in Africa as prisoners of war. This extreemly heavy centrepiece of the chapel was brought on foot from North Africa to Germany by the emaciated former war prisoners after they were released.

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Popular tourist destination (Schaumberg plateau and tower)
completion of the renovation works in 2013
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No disturbance due to traffic, street or train noise, etc. Due to the high altitude, Schaumberg plateau offers good acoustics. Absolutely quiet, except natural sounds.
Schaumberg mountain offers a wonderful view across the Schaumberger Land with its picturesque and lively little towns. At the foot of the Schaumberg, the two towns of Theley and Tholey seem to hug the mountain.
Elevator and panorama elevator inside the tower, which is 11 storeys high
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In 2013, a restaurant opened on the plateau, serving regional food in a beautiful atmosphere.
Exposition and information premises inside the tower. No additional rooms available, however, enough space for alternative set-ups.
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The Schaumberg tower is the landmark of the Tholey community. The tower is a relic of the Schaumburg Castle, which rose upon the Schaumberger Land. Once, the site of many a hostile encounter between the Germans and the French, it is today a symbol of friendship between the two people. Another point of interest is the memorial in honour of the soldiers in the First and Second World Wars. It is not only a popular destination, it also represents a site of cultural interest to the citizens of Tholey which stands just as much for war and destruction as it stands for peace, reconciliation, and friendship.


Easily accessible by car


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Available in the restaurant
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Steffen Conrad