Romantikhotel le Val d'Amblève



brief description: 

Exceptional hotel ensemble whose felicitous juxtaposition of old and new architecture is enhanced by its serene natural surroundings. Situated near the town of Stavelot, in a green valley in the centre of the picturesque Ardennes countryside, the Val d'Amblève originally consisted of a Belle Époque villa with a few guest rooms and a gourmet restaurant nestled amidst a beautiful park. In 2008, the hotel was complemented by a modern-style new building, resulting in the exquisite symbiosis of historic and contemporary architecture. Facing the park, the villa boasts a spacious glass pavilion with garden terrace, on which guests can enjoy the hotel´s gastronomy. The ground floor of the villa, housing the classy, luxurious restaurant, a conference room and a lounge with comfortable settees, offers views of the new hotel building situated across the park. With its slim, elongated block-shaped building parts, the single-storey wood-panelled flat roof construction fits harmoniously into the green slopes of the park. The guest rooms have terraces on the ground floor and balconies on the upper floors, consisting of individually movable wood elements, gently blending into the overall façade and giving each room a cosy, intimate flair. The building almost seems like a private residence and exudes a very comfortable, homey atmosphere. The guest rooms, accessible via corridors suffused with light, are equipped with modern furnishings and amenities which radiate quiet luxury and individuality, underlining once again the fact that this hotel is not an ordinary, but an extraordinary and romantic guesthouse. The penthouse level houses an extensive sauna area and outdoor terrace with a magnificent view over the municipality of Stavelot. Both hotel buildings, the villa and the new construction, would make a picture-perfect motif for filming. Excellent infrastructure/filming conditions. Sanitary facilities and parking available. Conference room on the upper floor of the villa can be used as green room. Situated on the outskirts of town, however, slight noise disturbance possible due to main road passing below the park.


Kurt Rathmes