Railway Station Belval-Université



brief description: 

This railway station which serves the neighbourhood of Belval in southern Luxembourg has been completely rebuilt. It was inaugurated in 2010. The extraordinary construction resembles a giant caterpillar. A distinctive, honeycombed roof coats the long-stretched, gently curved railway complex which seems to hover above the arrivals and departure platforms. This train station is not only a functional building but rather an architectural œuvre, a downright experience. A large staircase leads to the train shed, a light-infused glass and steel concourse. The exceedingly spacious, qualitatively high value conception looks like an ultra-modern conference centre. The platforms and the train tracks can be reached via stairs or glass elevators. The clearly structured design makes for easy orientation and creates a comfortable, pleasant atmosphere. Everything seems very clean, almost sterile and surreal. An interesting, somewhat eccentric perspective can be obtained from the end of the platforms: looking up, the oval windows look like the caterpillar's glass eyes. Ample parking available in front of the railway station. Additional space/rooms for crew and equipment could possibly be made available in the shopping centre next door.


Karin Schockweiler