Römerbrücke Power Plant



brief description: 

this modern cogeneration plant supplies large parts of Saarbrücken with electricity and long-distance heating. The diverse boiler techniques in the different blocks make for varying perspectives of the plant. The boiler houses´ platform roofs in approximately 40 metres height form a large area. Semi-circular administrative building at the entrance. The chimney reaches 170 metres into the sky and can be seen from afar.

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
only by appointment, mandatory safety briefing for visitors
production of electricity and long-distance heating, cogeneration power plant in permanent operation
at the moment, a new boiler is being installed, the east end of the terrain therefore resembles a construction site. Post-war building fabric immediately neighbouring brand-new structures (modernised in 1989/2005)
interior architecture: 
semi-circular conference room facing west. Functional, industrial, sobre style. L-shaped control room with old control panels and modern flat screens. Glassy freezer with snowman next to the entrance.
Background noise: 
the only noise is coming from the power plant itself; the highway is situated on the opposite shore of the Saar River
Saar River (cooling water supply), pedestrian bridge, ``Ostspange´´ industrial zone
available in the administrative building and in the boiler house
possible disturbing factors: 
the fact that the permanent operation of the plant is not to be interrupted, may result in certain restrictions
Space restrictions: 
the safety zones are provided with emergency shut-down sensors and are not accessible
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed
to be discussed
limited space available; a semi-circular function room with roof terrace on the 4th floor may be used
Filming experience: 
report for a regional television news show (``Aktueller Bericht´´)


coming from Saarbrücken on the A 620, exit ``Ostspange´´
from Saarbrücken Central Station, take the Saarbahn tram-train to the ``Kieselhumes´´ exit


sanitary facilities: 
parking lot: 
public parking on the roadside, as well as on the terrain itself (enough space for approx. 40 vehicles)
electricity supply: 
water supply: 


Steffen Conrad