Pedestrian Bridge in Luxembourg



brief description: 

Situated behind the central station, this pedestrian bridge connects the rue de Bonnevoie with the station platforms. A curved ramp leads upward from the street level, around a glass lift, to the covered overpass, which is approximately 100 metres long. Spanning across the tracks, the bridge offers an unobstructed view of the historic railway shed and the original portal of the main building. In the background, the silhouette of the city is always present. The monotonous and repetitive arrangement of the original structural steel beams along the side walls might give pedestrians the impression that the bridge is endlessly long. The low ceilings, though they are in part made of acrylic glass, create rather dark lighting conditions, giving the motif a sober, somber and uninviting atmosphere. Furthermore, the bridge is not very wide, except perhaps for the access stairs leading to the train tracks, which might be considered a little more generous in size. In any case, the overall feeling after having passed through this steel tube is one of relief. The image of two pedestrians crossing the bridge in opposite directions has something very confrontational, tense and suspenseful about it. And yet, this motif also has a certain architectural charm; it is a very interesting and inspiring film location. Parking on rue de Bonnevoie or at the train station. Train noise and loud speaker announcements.


Karin Schockweiler