Niedaltdorf Natural Dripstone Cave



brief description: 

the Niedaltdorf cave was formed during the Holocene, a geological epoch which began around 10.000 years ago. This cave`s special appeal lies in the fact that the very rock in which it is enclosed is dripstone. Accessible to visitors through a system of naturally formed passages (altogether 100 metres long), the largest cavern space extends for 40 meters.

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opening times: 
April to October: daily 10:00 am - 12:00 noon and 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm. Sundays and holidays open until 6:00 pm. Closed on Mondays. Advance reservations are required for group visits, which can be arranged outside of regular opening hours.
natural monument, tourism
Background noise: 
absolute stillness, no acoustics
the cave is located under the basement of a restaurant, in the heart of town, on the banks of the river Nied
possible disturbing factors: 
when the river Nied has high water levels, the cave is flooded
Space restrictions: 
to be discussed with the local authorities
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed with the local authorities
can be provided by the restaurant right above the cave
available in the building right above the cave


coming on the A8 motorway Saarbrücken-Merzig, take the Rehlingen exit and follow the L170 in the direction of Rehlingen-Siersburg. Turn left at the roundabout onto the L171 (main road) in the direction of Siersburg. Follow the road to the town of Niedaltdorf. The cave is located on the main road (Neunkircher Straße) right after the railway bridge, on the left hand side (follow the signposts Tropfsteinhöhle).
Niedaltdorf train station (accessible by the Niedtalbahn train coming from Dillingen)


sanitary facilities: 
available at the cave entrance
parking lot: 
electricity supply: 
water supply: 


Steffen Conrad