Multi-storey Car Park in Luxembourg



brief description: 

This multi-storey car park was built on the grounds of Luxembourg Central Station to accommodate train travellers. The car park, which lines the station terrain parallel to the tracks, can be accessed via a secured entrance area. The three-storey steel construction is flanked on both ends by helical access ramps, winding their way up through the different parking decks. The building`s monotone facade is pierced by glass staircases with lifts and several exits. The outer edge of each parking deck level is secured with steel grids instead of solid walls, allowing for an open view across the train tracks. As the upper deck has no roof, it provides an excellent panoramic view of Luxembourg City. Low ceilings and seemingly endless long parking decks create an eerie atmosphere, perfect for scenes featuring the stereotypical lone car. Colourful access doors leading to the stairwells pierce the walls with regular frequency. The very clearly structured, modern architecture style makes this location an interesting, versatile motif with ever-changing perspectives of the station terrain and the surrounding environment, depending on where the observer stands. Production-relevant infrastructure has to be put in place. A heavily frequented road passes beside the car park, causing a constant noise nuisance.


Karin Schockweiler