Government Building of the German-Speaking Community of Belgium



brief description: 

today, the landmarked stately mansion serves as seat of the government of the German-speaking Community of Belgium. On the open side of the horseshoe-shaped three-wing layout, an entrance portal separates the forecourt from the interior court. From the rear side of the building, a small adjoining park can be reached. The property houses the government offices and numerous premises of representative character.

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
upon agreement (evenings and nights possible!)
office building, seat of government
representative building in very good condition, situated in the centre of town
interior architecture: 
partly modernised entrance area, other parts of the building have kept the original classic style.
Background noise: 
limited traffic road, little disturbance during the daytime
centre of town with stores, restaurants, bars and everything the heart desires
possible disturbing factors: 
interior shots only upon prior agreement!
Space restrictions: 
to be discussed (depends on the level of operational activity in the building)
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed (depends on the level of operational activity in the building)
can be provided
sufficiently available
Filming experience: 
the town of Eupen is frequently used as a location for national and international film productions. Up until the present time, the government building has only been used for television shoots.
production teams are expected to implement anticipatory logistics concepts: as the mansion serves as seat of government, specifications and regulations must be discussed in detail beforehand and meticulously observed!


closest motorway access approx. 3 km away
in direct vicinity to Eupen train station (5 minutes on foot). Aachen (Aix-la-Chapelle) central station approx. 20 minutes by car.


sanitary facilities: 
sufficiently available
parking lot: 
upon prior agreement, the small employees´ parking lot on the rear side of the building may be used in part. Further parking opportunities can be found in the immediate vicinity.
electricity supply: 
220 V (entire building)
water supply: 
conventional water supply for a building of this size


Kurt Rathmes