Friedhof St. Johann (St. John's Cemetery)



brief description: 

St. John's cemetery was laid out in 1883 and closed shortly thereafter, in 1917. Despite its rather brief lifespan, the cemetery has accrued a remarkable, valuable inventory of artistic funerary monuments of late Historicism. Exceedingly popular with the artminded promenader, St. John's also offers fascinating insights into the history of Saarbrücken and its bourgeoisie during the late 19th century. You can visit the gravesites of Willi Graf (member of the White Rose student resistance group in Nazi Germany), Gustav Bruch (German author and politician), the Lamarche Crypt, etc

relevant filming facts

opening times: 
08:00 am - 5:00 pm (open late during the summer months)
well kempt
Background noise: 
quiet; occasional noise coming from the nearby railway tracks
residential area, railway tracks
possible disturbing factors: 
background noise coming from the nearby railway tracks
Space restrictions: 
to be discussed
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed
can be organised by Bistro Malzeit, located in close proximity (Scheidter-Straße). Phone: 49 (0) 681 - 93 80 198. Official website:
to be discussed
Filming experience: 
St. John's cemetery has been the subject of several documentaries


Leave the Saarbrücken motorway (A620) at the junction Bismarckbrücke to the north. After 200 meters, continue straight on to Paul-Marien-Straße. After about 250m turn right at the crossroads to Egon-Reinert-Straße and follow it for about 600m. They come across a crossroads where they turn right into Martin-Luther-Straße. After about 400m, turn right again into Am Bruchhübel. There you have reached your destination, the cemetery St. John.


sanitary facilities: 
parking lot: 
available only in the street "Am Bruchhübel"
electricity supply: 
not available
water supply: 
available during summer


Steffen Conrad