Ettelbruck Railway Station



brief description: 

Located on a small plaza in a traffic-reduced zone in the heart of Ettelbruck, the railway station is in direct vicinity of the city's commercial centre and an adjoining pedestrian zone. The historic two-storey building has a stone façade. The main entrance leads through the station concourse and the ticket hall, which breathes a certain 1970s charm, to the 4 railway tracks. The track closest to the main building is covered by a canopy. From here, an underpass leads to the second track, which offers an open view of the entire ensemble of tracks. Due to construction and rehabilitation works, the station does not have a consistent, homogeneous look but is rather characterised by an eclectic architectural mix which does not correspond to the historic style of the main facade. In brief: small provincial railway station with lots of charm. Sanitary facilities and adequate space for setting up a green room possibly available at the station bistro. Public parking rather limited due to the inner-city location of the station.


Karin Schockweiler