Celtic Ring Wall in Otzenhausen



brief description: 

the Celtic ring wall encircles the Dollberg, a hill about 695 metres above sea level near the town of Otzenhausen. Also known as the Hun´s Ring, this circular fortress was erected around the 5th/4th century B.C. as a protection against marauding Germanic hordes. For reasons still unknown to this day, it was abandoned in the 1st century B.C. The fortress was built in a triangular shape with a strong main wall in the north (which measures 40 metres in width at the base and 10 metres in height) and weaker double walls on the east and west sides. The defensive enclosure of the 10 hectare fortress base has a length of 1,5 kilometres (2,5 kilometres including the outer walls). According to calculations, the Hun´s Ring is composed of approximately 230.000 m³ of stones - enough material to build roughly 13.000 single-family homes

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opening times: 
accessible to the public all year round; guided visits at 2:00 pm every first Saturday of the month from May through October or by prior arrangement (duration: 2 hours, meeting point: Waldparkplatz Otzenhausen)
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Background noise: 
very quiet
the ring wall, surrounded by large forest areas, is situated in close proximity to the Nonnweiler Reservoir
Space restrictions: 
to be discussed
Time restrictions : 
to be discussed


sanitary facilities: 
parking lot: 
upon prior agreement, production vehicles can drive directly to the ring wall via a forest road
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Steffen Conrad