Car Wash Eupen



brief description: 

The car wash is located in a back compound and can be reached from the street via a roofed-over access way. At first sight, the extensive hall seems empty; hoses and the wet floor are the only indications that this might be a car wash. As the facility is a hand-wash establishment, elaborate technology has been kept to a minimum. Each car is first hosed down with a pressure jet, then washed and polished. The amount of time required to hand-wash a car is not much longer than it would be to drive through an automatic car wash. Additional services such as interior cleaning are also on offer. Since the driver gets out of his car while it is being washed, interesting conversations can ensue between the driver and the car wash intendant. The spartan waiting area is hardly ever used, car holders prefer to get a coffee or smoke a cigarette. Curious location for a shooting; the back compound situation and the interlinked building parts exude a rather somber, suspenseful ambiance..


Über eine überdachte Zufahrt erreicht man von der Straße aus diesen in einem Hinterhofgebäude gelegenen Car Wash.


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Kurt Rathmes