Capitol Eupen



brief description: 

this former 1950s cinema was converted into an event location by the municipality of Eupen. With its historic façade, its retro neon letters and marquee lighting, the building outside has almost been preserved in its original state. Large front entrance doors lead into the wood- panelled entrance hall, behind which lies the main hall (former screening room), complete with stage and balcony. The seating rows have been removed, revealing a remarkably flat and even floor, unusual for a cinema because, generally, cinema floors slope downwards toward the stage. Even though many historic details are missing today, the Capitol still exudes that certain morbid charm of a bygone era. In the course of the remodelling process, an improvised counter has been installed, and the balcony, accessible via a narrow staircase, has been furnished with wooden tables and chairs. The relatively small stage, today, is being used for performances and music acts. Underneath this former screening room, interestingly enough, lies a basement vault with an eye-catching bar counter, which is also being used as a - albeit smaller scale - venue for a variety of events. Laid open concrete pillars and walls impart an almost futuristic flair to this rather spartan cellar space, underlined further by atmospheric cold lighting. The Capitol thus offers two locations for the price of one so-to-speak: a main hall with historic charm and a cellar room with avant-garde coolness. Sanitary facilities and additional backstage areas available on site. Parking available on a lot vis-à-vis the Capitol.


Kurt Rathmes