Bus Stop Préventorium



brief description: 

Coming from Eupen, the N61 (national road) meanders through a long stretched valley in the direction of Verviers. The peculiar bus stop, which appears a bit too big for its rather deserted surroundings, is located in an isolated situation amidst the countryside, at the intersection of the N61 and a small road seemingly leading to nowhere. Turning onto this cul-de-sac, however, you will find at its end a large, abandoned building ensemble, formerly a preventorium. What used to be a hospital is today no more than a ruin. With smashed glass panels and a weather-beaten facade, the covered bus shelter, which used to be part of the hospital complex, looks desolate and decayed. Unusual location which exudes a forlorn, almost frightening atmosphere. Any infrastructure necessary for filming has to be put in place by the production team. Relatively frequent traffic on the N61.

relevant filming facts

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Cars driving
not available


sanitary facilities: 
not available
electricity supply: 
not available
water supply: 
not available


Kurt Rathmes